8 mar. 2011

Del Tumblr, sin cariño.

Lo que faltaba.

There’s something in the world that I had never thought that were possible, but apparently, everything is possible. I was watching a movie, The Godfather, and there was NOTHING to cry. NOTHING. But, sometimes I just think about my brain, and its nonsense. I do not know why, but I feel some misery deep inside my heart when I saw a couple of waltz dancing scenes and it makes me break into an unstable ball of feelings. When I remember a special and unique moment in my life, when she had invited me (convinced me) to dance with her, it’s true, I should not deny it, but there was some strange force within me that makes me do it, I will never forget it. It was magical, her eyes, our stupid and gross way to move, her smile. I won’t forget her lips so close to mine. I won’t forget the moment when she kissed me, I won’t forget the flavour of her lips, I won’t forget how she looked that day, she was beautiful, but that day, her beauty shines like the light passing through a diamond, she could make me blind, she was everything. Now, a few months later, I know the truth, and it hurts me. How could it be a lie? All was just a lie, but I was not feeling a lie. Why you lie me? I thought that you are feeling the same, but you just want to scape. It’s sad but true, but at least I was happy.

El día que sepa inglés lo haré menos espantoso, pero quizá nunca sepa ese puto idioma.


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