27 jul. 2010

Un tema de una banda que aparentemente viene en diciembre

Al igual que I'm not a machine que optó por poner un tema de Pennywise (banda que me encanta) pongo un tema del disco "Unknown road", este tema es francamente hermoso. Sólo basta con oirlo viendo la letra.

Pennywise - City is burning

Society reflects tonight
an ugly mirror showing an animal instinct
a twisted way to wrong a right
how many dead before the sun comes arising
lock your doors
and close your eyes
sit back and watch TV
while the problem grows outside
lock your doors
and shut off your mind
while you are safe inside
the city is burning tonight
blinding lights burn in the sky
a mass of shadows
darkness usually hides
animals out of there cage (who will)
burn their own environment
without any shame
so your guest is as good as mine
will any good come out of this
we'll know in time

until that time let's not regress (let's learn)

our lessons before there's another uprising

Para oir el tema sólo hace falta poner play al video.


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