13 dic. 2010

Una lista AFANADA (obviamente)

[ ] killed someone
[ ] Robbed a bank
[x] tried to do something, not doing it and regretted it but then forgotten it
[ ] beaten a brat with a baseball bat
[ ] tell your best friend he/she is a shitty friend
[x] got late to work on purpose
[x] stare at someone
[x] stare at someone's parts
[ ] tasted something rotten
[x] think for hours to try to find the answer on when and why the world gone bad
[x] play music very loud and scream the lyrics
[x] dance in the house when there's no one in it
[x] get bored and walk around the house
[x] stare at the roof for hours
[ ] try to remember what you had for lunch on past monday
[x] get bored before start to do something
[x] get bored 5 minutes after starting doing something
[xxxxxx] write in a crappy english
[ ] have danced one time electronic music for 3 hours and then felt terribly stupid
[ ] lost my wallet
[ ] used abtronic for 10 minutes
[ ] written a song for a girl
[ ] love juice
[x] love the smell of recently made bread
[ ] played WOW1 for more than 16 hours
[ ] Seen a Hitchcok moovie (cuac)
[x] Said something when i really was thinking in the opposite thing
[x] tried to find out why a song is so great by analizing it rationally
[ ] started a fire in my arm (with a deodorant and a match)
[ ] slept with 2 women at a time XD
[x/2] believed in god
[x] invented something that was already invented XD
[ ] seen "the tick" on TV
[x] used to drink too much coffee
[ ] had porn magazines hidden in my bedroom
[ ] had porn hidden in a GTA disk
[ ] been electrocuted
[ ] been dead for a minute
[ ] hit a doctor
[x] played with something dead
[ ] almost die for more than 10 times
[xx] Hated myself
[x] don't know how to tie myself
[ ] been violet (violet, no violent)
[ ] I miss you


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